Hello, good evening and welcome to the illustration half of my portfolio. My name is David Haddington. I'm a graphic designer by profession, and I'll be your host this fine evening. Or morning. Afternoon. Dusk?
Whenever you feel like dropping by is fine, I'm always here to narrate. You can reach the graphic design section of the site by using the links at the top, or you can browse through here for a while.

The Illuminations section holds what I think of as final-quality work, acceptable for reproduction. Some of it was commissioned, and some of it was mined from the depths of my brain on some strange fancy.

The Horoscopes section is a series of A4 illustrations I produced for a magazine. It better represents my older work than what I do now.

Minor, work-related 'commissions,' idle character sketches and experiments have all come to rest in the imaginatively titled Other stuff section.

My contact details and CV can be found in the design section of the site, or you can just click this link instead.