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Good morning, and welcome to the design half of my portfolio. My name is David Haddington, and I'll be the curator for the duration of your stay.
You can drop by any time you like - I'm always here to guide your elbow and point out the finer vintages. You can reach the illustration section of the site by using the links at the top, or you can peruse this section to your heart's content.

Magazines are my livelihood, for want of a better term. I currently work across multiple titles in a design studio, but have previously been in charge of many more. Examples from my previous titles are available and I’m working on bringing this section up-to-date.

General Design stuff is exactly what it says: stuff. Take one look and it will explain itself with deft and twinkling charm.

Band Stuff is artwork and design I've produced for bands. Although some band artwork is deemed somewhat amateurish, I am sincere in its inclusion here and my examples include packaging design. I believe it offers something uniquely sophisticated.

I am currently learning a lot about Website Design. I have previously teamed up with a programmer, and there are some examples of my past work here.

The Photography section does not contain artistically-toned iPhone photos - I promise. It's studio work, and it's been published.

My Contact details and CV can be found here.