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Okay, here's the nuts and bolts of this thing - in other words, the boring stuff. It's not particularly interesting or pretty, but it will give you an idea about my education and employment history (if that kind of thing is really necessary). As well as that, my curriculum vitae also boils down the details of what I actually do in my job, and should give you a rough idea of my breadth of knowledge.

My contact details are here and are mostly reliable ways to get ahold of me.

I thought it might be fun to add a manifesto, partly to inject a little interest into this section, and partly to try and illuminate my thoughts on design as a whole. It might work, or it might come across as unhinged raving. Both have their uses, I think. None of us want to act like children, but sometimes you can only make your feelings clear by beating your fists on the floor and screaming.