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Websites come and websites go. If you ignore caching, then the nature of the internet is ephemeral. Of the examples above, I believe only one is still live: the Freebournes Studio website (which I refuse to give even the slightest bit of traffic).

The Things We Lost In The Fire website was created as a ‘skeleton’ site, in which all content would be hosted and provided by free services like Soundcloud and YouTube.

The Stag Studios website was designed for a recording studio we were using at the time, for which we were repaid with recording time.

The Ish and Accidental websites were both band-related. The Accidental site was interesting in that it had a 'day' theme from 6am to 6pm and a 'night' theme for the other twelve hours.

I got involved with the Bulgarian Village Homes website through a local programmer who constructed the site and commissioned me for artwork as he went along.

Also above are screenshots from old versions of this very website.