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Tattoos Only was conceived as a sister magazine to Hairstyles Only and, as such, copied the general layout and design very closely. I handled all of the design work of the inaugural issue and continued as the Art Editor up to issue 7. I handed the magazine off when I was tasked with bringing Hair Now and Perfect Hair into the company.

All of the photographs for this lookbook magazine were taken by tattooists or friends of the subject, so I always found myself having to reject a lot on size or quality grounds. The pages themselves were set up like Hairstyles Only, with six frames per DPS. However, I quickly found that, with a large number of photos of arms and legs, it made sense to make the layout a little more flexible to accommodate long, thin images.

All-in-all, I worked on this magazine for a little over a year and, in that time, saw more bad tattoos than I ever wanted or needed to.