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Like Hair Now, Perfect Hair was yet another A5 lookbook put on the shelves to compete with Hairstyles Only. In 2011, Haversham Publications bought the title (along with Hair and Hair Now) and I was tasked with bringing the magazine in-house. As you can see from this page, it wasn't an easy task, as I was given just about the fewest number of resources I could have received.

After Hair Now was successfully redesigned, I was tasked with redesigning Perfect Hair, and also with adding a 'nails' section into the back. This new section was to focus on fingernail designs and, to make it all easier, we divided it into four (three on the contents page).

Perfect Hair & Nails (as it became titled) was supposed to be the more 'girly' title, compared to the 'cool' ethic of Hair Now, but it certainly seemed to end up with its fair share of unusual cover images.

Perfect Hair was eventually handed off in late 2013 when I was tasked with bringing Hair in-house.