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Hair Now was originally launched by another publisher to compete with Hairstyles Only. It followed the same format and looked very similar. In 2011, Haversham Publications bought it (along with Hair and Perfect Hair) and I was tasked with bringing it in-house and getting production settled down.

To be more specific, I was given a copy of the magazine and the font for the logotype. I received no files, no ISSN and no barcode information, and had to reconstruct the magazine from the ground up. This included the unique overseas covers for Holland, France and Germany.

Eventually, I was tasked with redesigning Hair Now and it was decided to take it in a more 'avant garde' direction. As it happened, I had submitted a redesign for Hairstyles Only two years beforehand - which had been rejected at the time, but it suited what we wanted to do with Hair Now very well.

Hair Now was eventually handed off in late 2013 when I was tasked with bringing Hair in-house.