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I worked on Hair magazine from late 2013 to mid-2016. Since the title's purchase in 2011, it had been produced by an in-house editorial team, but an off-site freelance designer. I had been involved in a peripheral manner previously, but in 2013 I was made Art Editor and tasked with bringing the magazine in-house. This was no small feat, as the master pages I received to work with were messy, inconsistent and chaotic. As I was also working on Blackhair and handing off the A5 titles at the same time, I had to settle for fettling and consolidating Hair's resources and workflow over the course of several issues. During this time, the entire editorial team also changed, which added its own complexity to the task.

Hair is a 132-page, A4, monthly magazine dedicated entirely to haircare - it also holds its own annual awards (the 'Hair Awards'), which has a large amount of related design work. Above are examples of the magazine, along with a few pages from the 2014 Hair Awards supplement and some related artwork.