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I currently work as a Graphic Designer as part of an art team for Aceville Publications. I’ll be updating this section with up-to-date examples soon.

I previously worked as Art Editor on several titles for Haversham Publications:

Blackhair is a hair, beauty, fashion and lifestyle magazine aimed at black women of all ages. I worked on it in one way or another for more than ten years.

Hair is a hair magazine (surprising, I know), aimed at young women. I was in charge of production from 2013 to 2016.

I worked on Hairstyles Only from 2007 until 2013. It’s a lookbook magazine aimed at a wide audience.

Hair Now and Perfect Hair came into the company in 2011, and I worked on them until 2013.

Tattoos Only was conceived as a sister-title to Hairstyles Only, but is aimed at the tattooing community. I handled all of the design for the inaugural issue and continued work on it until issue seven, when I handed it off to work on the newly-acquired Hair Now and Perfect Hair.

I have also worked on Good Health, For The Bride, Bliss For Brides and Low Carb Energy, although they were a long time ago, so I'm not including any examples.

On top of all this, I have been responsible for producing show artwork, bagging artwork, belly bands and various in-house design. I have also been responsible for writing in-house training material.